Batman Versus Two Face animated movie date released

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The late Adam West who passed away earlier this year after losing a battle against leukemia made one last appearance as the voice of the character Batman in the sequel of the “Batman: The Battle Of The Caped Crusaders” which will be called “Batman Vs. Two Face.”

It will be the last time that West will work as the voice of Batman with actor of Star Trek fame William Shatner playing the role of the villain named Two Face.

Burt Ward who played Robin and Julie Newmar who played the role of the villain Catwoman will return to perform their roles in the Batman animated movie sequel which will be released on October 17, 2017 on Blu-Ray.

It will be a treat for us Batman fans who remember the television show that played on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) from 1966-1968 to hear Adam West bid farewell to the character that made him famous.

Two-Face was the former Harvey Dent who became the villain Two Face when during a trial a mobster threw acid on the left side of Harvey who became one of the deadliest Batman villains Two Face who uses a coin to decide if a person should live or be rubbed out.

Sure the Joker grabs all of the headlines when it comes to the top arch rival of Batman. Two Face is close to the Joker when it comes to giving the Batman all he can handle in the fight scenes.

In fact Harvey’s daughter Duela Dent goes by the hero/villain name The Harlequin who uses sleeping gas as one of her main weapons.

At least Adam embraced the classic Batman character to the very end of his life which is rare since a lot of actors and actresses who are no longer with us said in interviews that playing a hero or villain character in the movies or television shows basically typecast them for a long time in their careers in show business but they could live with their decisions as long as it paid their bills.


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