Awakening in Thy Shelter

Thursday, 7.4.19, at 10:44 am

After listening to The Great Pretender video, I clicked on this music video. I don’t know this singer, but I just wanted to check out his morning prayer song. As he started singing, I immediately thought of Michael Jackson, all of the sudden. He has the same soft voice. It was funny. He has a different style from MJ, but the voice is similar. 

This is getting weird. This morning must be the comeback of late musicians. As I think about this more, I realize that Michael Jackson was also a “Great Pretender,” like Freddie Mercury. But this singer here is unknown, at least to me because this is the first time I have seen his video. I remember MJ always seemed sad and alone, like Freddie Mercury. 

The insight from this second video has to with “Awakening in Thy Shelter.”


What do you think?

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