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Sunday, 12.15.19

As I continue to browse on Youtube, looking for something different to check out, I stumbled upon recent AVICCII videos as well as his concerts in different countries. I noticed there were a lot of AVICCII tributes. I decided to choose three videos to post here.

In the first video, someone displayed the changes in AVICCII’s electronic music from 2008 to 2019.

There were many concerts videos on Youtube, but I decided to use the one in Stockholm because he is from Sweden.

This last video is about Tim’s father, Klas Bergling, accepting his son’s Honorary Award at the Swedish Grammis Awards.

Someone in the comments translated Klas Bergling’s speech:

“As Tim’s father I’m very honoured, to accept this beautiful award, and it’s a bit hard. Tim was a friendly person. With a sense of humor and also seriousness. Humble and very stubborn. And when it came to music, almost obsessed with reached perfection, like he had imagined it. At times it could be demanding for people working with him, Salem, Vincent, Marcus and Per. He was a shy person who didn’t like being in the center of attention. He had a hard time with his public role, and he felt the need to shy away, and try to find a sense of calm, finding himself. Something I think a lot of us can relate to. Even for us coming of age. Thinking “won’t this ever end?”, but it doesn’t seem like it will. Carl Jung’s theory of Introvert and Extrovert personalities made a deep impact. Tim felt he was the introvert, and said delighted “Carl Jung, what a fucking king!”. We miss Tim. He left a big void. In the same time, we’ve been given so much love and support from his fans, partners in the music business, colleagues, and by that, I mean everyone who’s been involved. And his friends. His music is played in new forums, new interpretations. The memorial in Hedvig Eleonora Church was fantastic. School choirs, symphonic orchestras. It’s something we’re very proud of as it gives us warmth. It’s also striking when fans write about Tim and the impact he’s had on them and what he’s meant to them, as a person, and with his music. Even in tougher situations in life. They’ve been able to identify with Tim and have been given strength. We’ve gotten so many letters about that and they’re so beautiful. It’s amazing. Tim, we believe your music will live on, and continue to bring joy to people. Thank you, Tim. And thank you for letting me speak.”


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