Analyzing a Father-Son Relationship

I have watched this woman’s youtube channel before, where she studies and analyzes certain celebrities and political figures body language. I think it is interesting, in a psychological way, because sometimes actions speak stronger than words.

This video studies the body language of Zionist Shill Alex Jones and his son Rex. I didn’t realize that his son was so big. I thought he was a little boy. She states that Rex is like a “daddy’s boy,” in which he enjoys and respects his father.  They appear to respect each other as father and son. Then, Rex takes over the mike. He mimics his father with certain hand gestures.  He appears to be learning to be a mini Alex Jones, in which I think is kind of scary, but most kids will be similar to a parent in some way, even if they don’t want to be like either parents. It is all learned behavior, and kids tend to pick up the bad and good traits of their parents, as well as other people they are close to because that is what they know as societal norm, whether good or bad.

I think they appear to be very close, and Rex appears to look up to his father as a role model. They also seem like best friends who hang out together and enjoy each other’s company because of shared interests.


What do you think?