American Student Celebrated day with Bloody crocodiles After Graduation

Texas: The American student surprised everyone by making pictures with bloody crocodiles, praising the gratitude of graduation.Graduation is a dream of every student who finds the unique way to celebrate happiness.Something like this was the American student who adopt the unique way to celebrate ‘Graduation Photos’ with 14 feet long crocodile.

Mackenzie Alexis Noland, 21 year old, of Texas, Texas, graduated from the University of Wildlife and Fisheries from the University of California. She is currently on internship in rescue center of beamount City. Where she got 14 feet long and 90 pounds of crocodile crocodile and crocodile also considered her as his favorite.

Nolland chose the same crocodile for celebration graduation pictures and went in to the the water with friends and photograph with crocodiles and upload it to social media. The pictures of the nolland became viral on the social media, so that she became celebrity of the world.

Noland thanks to the likes of photos and shareholders, Noland said that she is very grateful to all the people encouraging this process.


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