A stranger returns $1,500 dollars that was lot in a parking lot to its owner

Lauren Gregory did an act of kindness that money cannot buy since in her heart she knew that she saw $1,500 on the ground at a parking lot at a Kroger supermarket last Thursday was not hears to begin with.

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When Lauren saw the $1,500 dollars on the ground at the parking lot after she witnessed a driver in front of her leave the cash behind after the driver left in the parking lot, she went inside the supermarket to ask the management if they page the person who left the money in the parking lot.

When that method did not work, Lauren placed a note on the auto of the person who lost the money to contact her so she could return the money to the person who lost the large amount of money.

When the owner of the lost money saw the note on his auto, he was so concerned to get home to celebrate his mother’s birthday dinner that he decided to go home and attend the dinner of his mom’s birthday instead of contacting Lauren.

When Pastor Maurice Hardwick who is the spiritual leader of the Believers Outreach Ministries in Southland Michigan went home, he noticed that he was missing the huge amount of money when he arrived at his mom’s home.

Maurice admitted that he prayed to God to ask Him for His wisdom to locate the missing money. Then God told him to contact the person who left the note in his auto to regain the money he lost.

Sure enough, Maurice contacted Lauren by telephone to make an appointment where he could recover the money that Laura had in her possession.

When Maurice recovered the money, he thanked Lauren for her honesty. I am not sure if Maurice gave her a share of the lost money or not.

The bottom line Is that Lauren made a new friend with Pastor Maurice. The lesson is that when you rush your duties, you will be making errors.

Lauren learned the rule of giving back money that did not belong to her in the first place since she made a friend of for life with Pastor Maurice.

Money cannot buy a true friendship.


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