A school teacher gets gifts from passengers during a flight

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Talk about finding kind strangers aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Chicago to Jacksonville Florida to visit her parents while she was on vacation.

Kimberly Bermudez who is a school teacher at Carlos Elementary Elementary in Chicago is known for her desire to follow her passions as a school teacher at a low income area in the Windy City.

Since a lot of her students come from homeless and low income families, they cannot afford to buy backpacks and school supplies that are needed.

What happened during the flight from Chicago to Jacksonville is that some of the passengers felt sorry for Kimberly teaching students who come from families that cannot afford to buy their basic needs so they approached Kimberly to give money so he can give the parents of the poor children who live in Chicago buy pack backs and other school needs.

When the Southwest Airlines flight landed in Jacksonville Florida, thanks to the donations from the passengers who assisted Kimberly to assist the families of the students that she teaches, the total came to $530 dollars.

Kimberly was so happy that complete strangers were able to donate over $500 dollars so when she returns from vacation before the school season starts, the money will be used to help the families who need the money to buy their children their basic needs.

Kimberly insisted that she never pleaded for the money. She just enjoys teaching students in Chicago since there are not many teachers that want or desire to teach students in low income areas in major cities.


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