A California man recovers a lost wedding in the ashes of his home

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The Farr wildfires that have destroyed many home in the Northern California region has brought out the good of people to assist firefighters by giving food for breakfast, lunch and dinner as a way of saying “Thank you” for their efforts to put down the fires in the Golden State.

There is an old saying that goes “Material items you can replace. Your life cannot be replaced.” In the case of Jerry Ogle, a family item that is priceless to him is his late grandmother’s wedding ring that was handed down to him by his late grandfather before he passed away.

Jerry came back to his home that was destroyed by the wildfire in Northern California to see if the wedding ring that belonged to his late grandmother could be found inside the ruins of his home.

Jerry and his dad searched around the ruins of the home to try to locate the wedding ring that belonged to his late grandparents for a period of half an hour.

Jerry then turned to praying to God and the memory of his grandfather to assist him to find the missing wedding ring.

In about 30 seconds Jerry remembered where he left the wedding ring that was inside a box inside his home.

When Jerry opened up the box, he found the wedding ring of his late grandmother inside that had some minor damages due to the fire, but it was mostly intact.

To put it mildly, Jerry thanked God that he was able to find the missing wedding ring. Some family artifacts are priceless.


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