7.9.20 New Normal Insights

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Natalie Wood was murdered by her gay husband Robert Wagner and his lover.

Kate Beckinsale and Nicole Kidman are very cold in person.

Nambla added a “P” to LGBT as LGBTP, which makes pedophilia as a normal sexual behavior relationship. Nambla is a man-boy association.

Kevin Spacey was sexually abused by his Nazi father. Kevin goes to Epstein’s Island to request Spanish boys who don’t speak English. He beat the crap out of them until Epstein kicks Kevin off his island.

Woody Allen adopts an Asian baby and then he eventually marries her. Woody is a Zionist Jew, but he plays neurotically crazy Jewish stereotype roles.

Earth is controlled by Satanists, such as Jack Parsons, Alex Crowley, and Ron Hubbard.

Spirit Cooking is about conjuring up spirits into projects or objects. Led Zepplin sang about it. Uses pieces of physical material from someone, and combining it while speaking it into intention.

JLO stood up for Kanye, which helped her start her career; celebrities sell out start their careers. Christie Brinkley also sold out.

John Travolta sold out in the 80s. His firstborn son died, which wasn’t an accident. Many celebrities had to sacrifice their firstborn son for their career.

Panda bear mask and toy are about child abuse of very small children. It involves breaking blood vessels of the eyes.

Those to conform to masks are they are pre-ordering to the mark of the beast 666.

Handmaid Tail involves people wearing mask to control people.


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  1. I need to clear up a fact you said there. The others I have no idea about. What you said about Woody Allen being a Zionist Jew is very wrong. He is not a proud Jew and doubt if he like Israel at all. He is a self-hating Jew. Just wanted to clear that up.

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