6 Creative New Year’s Party Ideas 

New Year’s Eve is time for fun, excitement and good mood since it is the only proper way to start a new cycle that will be better and more successful than the one before. It is time for saying goodbye to old things and to enthusiastically welcome positive changes that come with every new beginning.  Hosting a New Year’s party is a great way to ensure that you, your friends and family have a good, joyous time as the big countdown approaches. To help you out in throwing an unforgettable party as well as creating a fabulous atmosphere, here are a few creative ideas to get you going.

Perfect time for being childish

Although many New Year eves have passed since you were a child, dedicate this one to that great feeling of being playful, truly happy and carefree again. Lift the mood with some childlike fun elements, since it is the perfect time to forget the tediousness of adult life. Adult sized jumping castles, balloons, ball pit, and slide are a great way to bring smiles to your guest’s faces. Also, as you pour them alcohol, involve them in playing some childhood games and rest assured they will enjoy it.

Glow in the dark party

Blacklight can turn your home into a crazy club for the night as long as your guests don’t forget to wear white or light colored clothes. Decorate your place with glow in the dark items. Put neon stick toppers on the plates and get some glow in the dark silverware.  Arm your guests with glow sticks, bracelets, wigs, and party eyewear. Serve food and drinks that will have a ghostly glow.

Bring horrible fashion back

There is a great pleasure in making fun of times passed, especially when we were there to witness them. Pick the worst decade and make it a theme party. For instance, ’80s are colorful, cheerful, hideous and always funny. As for the nineties, even though not as nearly as uplifting as the previous decade, rest assured that you will have a good laugh if someone shows up in an overall. And a turtleneck. Fortunately,  those are long behind us now.

Glitter, glitter everywhere!

No event is more suitable for glitter theme as New Year is. Good news is that you can’t have too much of it on an evening like this, so feel free to go wild. Starting with glitter invitations to sparkling decoration and tableware, set a sparkly dress code for your guests and enjoy your shiny celebration. Use edible glitter to create a fairytale-like bite and make sure you have body painting artist on sight.

Revive the old cinema glamour

Nothing matches the beauty and charm of old movies. It was a fabulous era when men on screen were gentlemen and women were femme fatale with an impeccable style and elegance. Bring back the aesthetic of good old times and make your guests feel like movie stars. Make sure that your celebrities walk on a red carpet as they arrive and offer them photo opportunities. Keep in mind that Photoboothme also offers entertainment DJs with excellent music knowledge, so it will be easy to recreate the old-times atmosphere.

Costume party

Parties, where we get to be someone else, will never get old. To make it more fun and playful, avoid having a party theme, and allow your guests to come as they like. It will be a perfect mixture of vampires, nurses, Mad Hatters, and Mad Max characters that socialize, laugh and dance. Encourage your guests to be creative and make sure to lead with an example to motivate them. Also, let them know timely about your party so that they can have enough time to prepare.


Although as a party host you have a lot on your mind, make time to have fun at your party and don’t worry too much. New Year is the perfect time for being stylish as well as tacky, or to keep it simple and to go overboard. It is not about décor as much as it is about good mood and being with your friends and loved ones. Know that people will always remember how much fun they’ve had instead of how you decorated the place.


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Written by Chloe Smith

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