6.6.20 Modified Lockdown Insights

Saturday, June 6, 2020

I decided to watch today’s celeb psychic video, but I will just summarize it here for interesting insights.

They are restricting her videos on Facebook.

Empath absorbs energy when they enter a room as well as picks up on the feelings in the room and then throws it back out into higher vibration. It is about healing the energy absorbed. They can get drained while doing this.

Satanic and Luciferians disconnect from God.

I agree that the US Zionist government is mentally ill.

Curing depression involves exercising, walking, and just moving around. Eat healthy, salt baths, meditation, and do positive things you like.

Curing anxiety involves exercise, meditation, and go outside for a walk early in the morning.

Lavender oil is good for insomnia.

Spell is an intention directed at you. It is similar to manipulation. Curses are generational.

Positive and negative should be looked at as positive and counterbalance.

Karma is balancing.

Someone stated that George Floyd went to prison for home invasion, terrorizing a pregnant woman.

Pile 1: paranoia and fear about certain things happening. Ideas about other people because of the energies around them. You are trying to get the correct information and open yourself up.  Shifting and going through rebirth. The eclipse has changed you immensely. You don’t understand what is going on around you. Romance?

Pile 2: confused on what to do right now. Focus on yourself. Obligated to someone. Don’t think about your goals. Step back. Pimping yourself for money.

Pile 3: you are in harmony with your surroundings. Awareness of exact situation and everything else. Understanding of what’s going on. Information coming quickly to you from outside. Someone steadily trying to connect with you, but you will eventually notice they have the same values. On again and off again relationship.


What do you think?


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    • some trolls are probably paid to silence people. Youtube and Google and Facebook has a lot of annoying trolls, probably paid to go on people page and harass them them. I used to get them for exposing the truth. It has calmed down for me since everyone has started doing the same thing.


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