6.27.20 New Normal Insights

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Denver Airport Mural depicts everyone all over the earth wearing a face mask, and was created in 1994, which appears to be predictive programming for world slavery. I have videos display’s Denver’s many dark murals, filled with symbolism.

Face mask doesn’t stop viruses.

City in Oregon stated that people of color don’t have to wear a face mask.

Jimmy Kimmel talk show was cancelled.

Yeah, when I went to Target last week or so, the guy was push me to do self-checkout, and I didn’t want to because I just don’t like it. He got on my nerves, and I kept telling him I will stand in line for the regular checkout, which wasn’t long anyway. Stores are already pushing the agenda.


What do you think?

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  1. Okay, so perhaps you can explain this to me in a plain language I understand. If I have any kind of a virus (like a cold) and I sneeze and it hits a hard service, how long does that virus stay live? According to the experts, it can be 48 hours. So a person touches the table and then their face because it itches and they now have the cold virus on their face. The mask helps to prevent infectious spray from hitting hard surface or being on the person. What am I missing?

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