6.16.20 Modified Lockdown Insights

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Makeup from Jafra Cosmetics, as well as nails from a salon for her granddaughter Lila’s 9th birthday.

I grew my nails when I was 9 and painted it green because it was the only color my mother let me wear at that age.

Predict the Future Card Reading:

Pile 1: learning on grounding oneself. Wants to get back to doing things like before. Love and connecting back to roots, and maybe pregnancy. Information is coming your way.

Pile 2: ending of a cycle. Creative opportunity coming in next several weeks. It is coming from friendships. Ending group friendship because power control. Let go of friendships that are blocking you.

Pile 3: unexpected information or message coming. Unexpected travel, which will lead to a relationship. Nurturing something so it will grow.


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