5.8.20 Lockdown Insights

Friday, May 8, 2020

Reiki is energy healing. An energy goes into the body to heal. But whose energy?

Conspiracy theory means more than one people planning something in secret.

CDC is crap. I never go on their site or follow them.

The human population are being led towards the slaughterhouse, like the poor animals, for the New World Order agenda of depopulation and microchip controlling system.

Tom Hanks is giving blood for the vaccine. They are putting Tom Hanks’ tainted coronavirus blood into vaccine so that they will force this shit into the public.

Kardashians are High Priestess witches, like Madonna.

In Ventura County, they are going into homes.

Pile 1: Messages? Intuitive information coming to you to help you do things in life. Information from spirit. Stepping into your power. Others might not want you to do that. Pay attention to dream and everything around you. They will distract you from your power. You are in the process of following in your path. You will do something in work that will be stressful, but it will teach you to do things for your soul path. You will learn new things by studying information that will help you. Focus on the work. Study the process. Then, move forward with your work. People will try to stop you, but ignore them.  Share the love and take the lead. Include others in your life, as you pursue your work

Pile 2: outsider and postponement. You cannot get things going and move things forward quickly. You are being stopped from doing something because it is not your path. You are cannot travel right now, which is blocking you from moving on. It is a good thing because it is not meant for you. You need to let go of the blocks so you can move forward. You are guided in a different way. You want to be in control of things. Let go of controlling things, and you will flow freely forward.

Pile 3: you feel lazy because you aren’t getting things done. You need to mentally focus on what you need to do. Make a to do list. Start focusing on what you want. Meditate. Ground yourself. Take ideas from others. You will get information through friends. Spread your wings and open yourself up to different perspectives. Rebuild your life.


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  1. Every morning I train my brain by just sitting and thinking through everything I have to do that day. When I am done I turn on my PC and see if I was right and then I begin working. Once I am on a roll so to say if I stumble over anything I stop and I wait until what I have forgotten pops into my mind.

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