5.7.20 Lockdown Insights

Thursday, May 7, 2020, Full Moon night.

At 5 pm, I went for a walk. When I reached the UTC area, I noticed Yogurtland has opened for business, from noon to 8pm.

Oh, that porn guy, Mr. Wood, is dead.

Michael Clark Duncan? Oh, the big guy in The Green Mile. That was a boring movie.

They are slaughtering sheep and lamb. This is sick! Who is eating these cute animals?

2010 Simpsons episode predicted a pandemic disease. Then, vaccines were introduced as a way to allow people to go out and travel.

Full Moon Insights for next two weeks:

Pile 1: aggressive…focus spiritually, as you learn info through young people. Use creativity. You need to have follow through. You will have fun with young person temporarily.

Pile 2: dramatic upheaval with work or health, but you will be OK. Restructuring everything in your life that has to do with health. Be determined and go with changes. Job related changes. Someone will pursue you and will finally get your attention.

Pile 3: a friend could lead to romance. Friends and romance? Tribes? Connection to different friends. Friends will be teachers to unlock karma in your life. Hookup with a friend.


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