5.6.20 Lockdown Insights

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

At 7pm, I returned from a bike ride, where I rode to the shopping center which has Albertsons and Starbucks, and I bought a small cup of saffron & pistachio ice cream from a new ice cream place. It was a one-hour local trip. I am enjoying riding my bicycle on the empty streets with minimal cars, stopping only at the pedestrian walk. I also rode my bicycle through alleys and parking lots so that I can keep riding without stopping, unless at a stop sign. The parking lots are empty, except for cars going to the grocery stores and takeout places.

I have Asics sneakers. They are very comfortable and cushioned. I also had Mizuno sneakers, which are good, too. My old Sketchers was good, but it wore out fast.

The beaches are open now. I wonder if they are open in OC area.

Rolling and stretching are good for foot issues. (I should do that)

Epsom salt can cleanse negative energy.

I turned on the computer to watch some Youtube videos.

Full Moon is on Thursday, May 7th, 3:45am pacific time.

Trump is going to win again, for second term as president of USA.

Pile 1: letting go of past to move forward with your dreams in the future.

Pile 2:  Ego issue—something hidden will be revealed, and you have an ego problem with it. Full Moon will affect you, making you emotional. You will step out and acknowledge with the hidden revelations.

Pile 3: This Full Moon will affect you in transformation way. Relatives might die. There will be a change in your life.


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