5.5.20 Lockdown Insights

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Marketing is a form of press release, promoting corona-thing as other people’s disease issue and health problem, even though they don’t corona-thing.

Check out video, Fall of the Cabal

Full Moon Reading (Full Moon is on May 7th)

Pile 1: Wants to travel, but not sure when. Wondering how much money you need. Want to connect with somewhere in your past to clear energy. Might connect with someone else from your past. There will be travel. Want to go back to someone for a loving romance. You might be controlled. Find balance within yourself before you go traveling anywhere.

Pile 2: has some decisions to make. But doesn’t know what to do or where they go. They feel lost and don’t have the will to do anything, probably because of this N.W.O. One World Lockdown. You are fearful right now. Your life has turned upside down. You feel trapped. This Lockdown is fucking with your head. You need to get out before you go crazy. Visit grocery stores and chat with others. Do your own work out, and just move alone. Focus and meditate, and focus on God, as you pray for strength in faith. You are being control because you lost your life. Start thinking of fun things and activities. Open up to others and get outside.

Pile 3: reinventing yourself financially to make more money. Creative ideas by connecting with a man. Do healing work or take some classes. Studying something to make money, like online classes. Commit to be a better person. You are focused on yourself, and ignoring your man. Creativity comes natural to your, as well as romance. You are focused on healing.

After I summarize the three readings from the video, I try to see which one fits my life  more. I feel part of 1 and part of 3 are more similar to my life. 


What do you think?

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  1. I am beginning to wonder if some of the clients I work for online are having things as bad as those in the real world offline. I got accepted to write for one place and I wrote up a storm. Never got paid but they said eventually because 3 senior members died during this time and upset the apple cart but I have not heard from them since.

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