5.27.20 After Lockdown Insights

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

I watched the Psychic Sloan video for fun. She talked about life in LA, and the racial war was intentionally created by the government to divide people. Life after lockdown will likely be a new normal. Today, I noticed people still wearing mask muzzles, and few were also wearing plastic gloves. I plan to go to the mall this week, mostly to see what it is like now. This won’t be the end of lockdown. They will create more One World Lockdown to introduce mandatory requirements, whether vaccine, microchip, or whatever else. 

“Every Life Matters”

LA police are taught to shoot to kill, regardless of what is going on, even if it was something stupid. The black kids in her neighborhood were always getting caught for something, just because they are black. in the Rodney King situation, it was already started for the media ahead of time for the police to beat up a black man, and then they put him on the news to promote it. It was promoted by the government, during the OJ Simpson situation. Then, later, his wife killed him. The media and government create fabricated stories about blacks and whites to create division between people in order to create intentional chaos. “Divide and Conquer,” “Order out of Chaos,” and “New World Order agenda.” All the lies on the media is all about making people dependent on the government as slaves for the New World Order agenda.

In November 2020, they will do the second one world lockdown, in which they will create war with the people.

Today’s Card Readings:

Pile 1: you need patience, but you want to do things quickly, but nothing is happening. Wants to have things happen. You tend to have erratic energy. In the process of learning something, whether education or doing things differently. Slow down and see things differently. Time is right for you.

Pile 2: waiting for something. Distorted thinking. You aren’t seeing things clearly. Doing repetitive pattern while speaking. Step back and look at your behavior. Do you want to be this way? Grounding yourself to see things differently.

Pile 3: anger issues going on with someone. Detach from your anger. Work on how you react with anger issues. You will calm down when you realize your anger isn’t going to get you anywhere, within 6 days. You will then start seeing things clearly. Someone is fucking with you and how you deal with yourself.


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