4.24.20 Lockdown Insights

Friday, April 24, 2020

John Roberts, a Canadian Journalist, stated that Coronavirus is a hoax.

She displays a video of motherfucker Bill Gates stating that society will go back to normal when everyone gets their toxic vaccines.

Tonic water is good for combatting corona-thing germs.

Watch the video, Fall of Cabal

Pile 1: thinking about someone and romanticizing. Think about a particular person.  Grass is greener at other side of a relationship. The other person isn’t looking their way. Someone is coming into your life, but they aren’t paying attention to you the way you want. Looking for the fantasy of marriage, love, and relationship. But they don’t realize that the grass isn’t really greener on the other side. Someone will return to you in June and July. This person lives far from you. Make your choices carefully.

Pile 2: deciding whether to assert independence or hold back. Strong and dominating, need to learn to walk a tightrope about asserting independence without over doing it.

Pile 3: pregnant? Or wanting to be pregnant? Or, bringing abundance into your life? Or, creating a business which will be very successful? From June and February.


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