4.17.20 Life in One World Lockdown Insights

Friday, April 17, 2020

Cactus to Cloud nature trail in Palm Springs. 90s degrees weather.

Exercise, preferably outside in sunny weather, whether hiking, walking, cycling, or do yoga outdoors.

No mandatory mask in Ontario.

All the prisoners are out of jail, while everyone else is in One World Lockdown prison planet. WTF? They are probably going to turn the prisons into a FEMA camp.

Numbers of coronavirus cases are falsified in order to push N.W.O. agenda.

The late Eazy E rapper told her in a reading “it’s happening again.” They put AIDs in him to kill him. AIDs was a manmade disease.

Bill Gates thanks workers for pushing the N.W.O. agenda.

More than one agenda intertwined in this issue.

Aliens are real? Reptilian Aliens? Zionist-occupied government? Illuminati? Domestic Terrorists?

Take DNA swaps from people, I guess for records.

The end of civilization for New World Order.

Bill Gates traded his stocks before the Coronavirus agenda.

Robin Williams didn’t kill himself, which was obvious.

Manufacturers are holding out on certain items to create intentional shortages until grocery stores will only be Walmart, Target, Amazon…

They are taken people’s choice away to forcefully pushing their agenda on everyone.

Pile 1: dealing with many things. Juggling situation while having someone is having authority over them. Hiding something from others. Holding information how you are doing things so they cannot control you. It is causing you not to connect. Speak your secret them and accept them. Between now and November. Be true to yourself. Circumstances from past that keeping a secret.

Pile 2: getting ready to create something in your life. You are focused on it intuitively. You are getting it on a gut level. You can see things in a certain way. You are doing it in a wrong way. Focus on the idea of what you want, but not how to get there. Use the information, and go with it unfiltered. Don’t analyze it or overthink. Wondering if you have the financial security to do what you want to do. Don’t worry about it. Know you already have it. “I am abundantly successful now.” It will come as needed.

Pile 3: in an argument with person in romantic relationship. The choice is yours. Choose not to engage in the argument. You are sensitive because you aren’t being reciprocated. You want more attention from the other person. There were unkind words being said, which started the argument. It is all distracting you from doing your work. In the next two months.

As I read all three reading piles, I realize that I resonate most with Pile 2 because it fits with my life the most.


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