2 Meetups at different places

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

I drove to Woodbridge for a yoga meetup at the park. 8 people showed up. Toward the end of the yoga class, the sprinkler system turned on, spraying water everywhere. I got soaked. We moved our yoga mats, but we ended up stopping because we already did one hour of yoga.

Then, I went home. I was thirsty because it was hot outside this morning. So, I drank spirulina smoothie, Matcha green tea, berries and kefir, and a banana. At 4 pm, I ate my dinner before I got ready for the walking meetup at UCI. I walked across the street to the University. 8 people showed up. Many people had quit, last minute. I walked 5.9 miles, 12,728 steps and 12 floors. I didn’t feel like eating a snack afterwards. So, I walked home. On my walk home, I saw a rat running into a bush. The weather was nice today.

Spotted a cute raccoon on the UCI campus.

He looks sweet and hungry. I wish I had some food to give him. I want one. 

There are also many cute brown rabbits on the UCI campus.

Many Class of 2020 UCI grads were posing for pictures and getting ready for their Virtual Graduation on Saturday.

There were people walking on the campus, or just relaxing on the grass.

Stopped for a break by a cool tree…

Back at UTC, it looks like the area has a little life again…

At 8 pm, I decided to go home…


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