1.8.21 Insights

Friday, January 8, 2021

Makeup tips to create the illusion of bigger tips, which is good for women with narrow lips. Jonteblue beige color lipstick. Use flesh colored lip liner. Line lips outside lips, underneath your natural lip line, and use lipstick the same color as lip liner to fill in the lip area. Concealer for undereye area. Foundation over the concealer and eyelids. Neutral foundation. (I like neutral foundation). Face powder. Eyeliner—Urban Decay Rockstar in purple. Mascara in black and eyeshadow.

Jeffree Star? An American Youtuber who founded a cosmetics company. He is also a singer. He looks like a trannie.

Ronan Farrow is likely to be Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow’s son. He looks nothing like Woody Allen.

In 2021, crazy things will be starting soon in society…

New information about Chris Cornel will be coming out soon.

Post office packages and mail will be slowing down.

Choose a pile, and of these three piles. Which pile do you most resonate with?

Pile 1: you feel out of balance by other’s actions. Ending of that cycle, but wait 5 and a half days, and you will be very strong. Someone doesn’t want you in your power. Step into your own power. Set your boundaries. Sneak off to do something. A secret love…relationship moving forward, but there might be something toxic in the relationship with throws you off balance.

Pile 2: younger male relative and older female relative have issues. Something not going to work for you. 3 ½ weeks. Learn to communicate with them better. Learn how to handle them. 3 months. One of your children is dating someone you don’t like. Someone is sneaking out and going on their own.

Pile 3: you got a promotion. Need to make life changes. Will happen around first 10 days of February. A change in your work life. You will move in with a family. You will move in a different direction and in a different way. You don’t have to take the job. It is connected to a man in your life. Have patience. Something is trying to bribe or blackmail you. Once you get out of this manipulative relationship, you will run into someone else and have a communicative relationship.


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