1.13.21 Insights

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

I watch this video for insights, as I read the scrolling chat, which sometimes goes by fast but certain words pop out at me.

Hot water and lemon juice with maybe a little bit of honey.

Caution with fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. Someone in the chat mentioned Tom’s of Maine was bought out by a large corporation. I am thinking that it might suddenly be crappy because this large corporation will start putting crap in this product. 

Celebrities are dropping like flies. Yeah, every week more celebrities die of something, but few actually from cornyflu. Most are dying from other shit, like depression, marriage failure, other illnesses, or just old age.

Oil pulling is good for detoxing. I am currently using coconut oil to do oil pulling, once a day, as well as brushing my teeth three times a day.

Who is Armie Hammer? Is he related to Arm and Hammer brand? Luciferians elites…they named kid after their band. he will probably inherit a lot of money, among other things. 

The Cannibal Club in LA is owned by Zuckerberg’s wife’s sister. Many celebrities eat human meat there.

I also noticed that many celebrities are doing a lot of movies nowadays, even though all the theaters are closed. 

Psychic Hygiene is about thinking positive, eating healthy, exercising, meditating in nature, barefoot outside, improve immune system, strengthen body, and surround yourself with happiness and peacefulness. Shower before bedtime. Chimes, sound bowls, gongs, salt around bed, crystal bowls, crystals, and wipe front door with vinegar. Pine trees, pine cones, and pine wood is excellent. Ward off negativity to be strong and focused.


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