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Cool Upcycling Idea For Old Jeans

In the 80s, every girl had a really big purse. Some of them were like large pillowcases made from soft flannel. They had a drawstring at one end that doubled over and went through a hole at the bottom of the bag. Mine had stripes in pale pink, powder blue, and white.

Even before these bags were in vogue, there was the jean purse. It was easy to make: just cut the legs off the jeans and turn them inside out. Sew the bottom together, and voila! A trendy purse!  People took strips of the pant legs to make the shoulder strap. Or they used a leather belt or a cute scarf.

But what would they do with the rest of the pant legs that were cut off? I never knew anyone who did anything very cool with them. Maybe keep them to cut patches for when a really comfy pair of jeans got a hole in an embarrassing place.

Today, upcycling is the big thing and there are tons of tutorials that show you all the awesome projects you can make with jeans. I thought these little denim baskets were really neat because they use the leg part. And there’s just a small amount of sewing involved. You could make one in an hour by hand, or in just a few minutes on a sewing machine. (Remember to get a heavy duty needle for denim, if you use the machine!)

Here’s how to make one of these cute denim baskets and upcycle the leg from jeans or any pants made of fairly heavy fabric.


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  1. there are a lot of ways to recycle old jeans I seen yrs ago
    where someone took the TOP part of the jeans (pocket part)
    cut the jeans & took designed tacks & put it on a board as a
    envelope stationary area for in & out going mail & bills to pay.


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