3 DIY Jobs That Every Women Should Learn

Who says that you need a man to help you change a lightbulb, hang up a picture frame or unclog the toilet? It’s time to grab a ladder, a hammer and a paintbrush and prove that anything a man can do, we can do better! Here are the three DIY jobs that every woman needs to master.

Painting a room

While it may seem simple enough, there is actually quite a bit of strategy involved when it comes to painting a room. Besides choosing the right color, you also need to ensure that you have the correct tools and that you have adequately protected your floors, ceilings, cornices and doors. To start off with, visit your local hardware store or paint suppliers and get yourself the following:

  • Tape,
  • A drop cloth for the floor (alternatively, you can also use old newspapers),
  • A paint tray,
  • A quality paint roller,
  • A small paint brush,
  • A ladder,
  • Paint of your choice.

Start off by taping all around the perimeter of the room – top and bottom – to avoid painting the cornices. Also tape the light switches and the edges of your doors. Next, lay out your drop cloth on the floor and ensure that it is properly secured. Change into old clothes or wear an apron. If necessary, use a wall primer that will prepare the surface for the first coat of paint. Pour your paint into your paint tray and cover your roller with paint. Paint the walls evenly and wait for the first coat to dry. If needed, you can apply a second coat. Remove your tape once all of the paint has dried and use the small paint brush to touch up any areas that require a bit of extra attention.

Changing a light bulb

Dealing with a blown light bulb? Not to worry. You don’t need a man to fix this problem. However, you will need the following:

  • A ladder,
  • A new light bulb.

Before you start, ensure that the light is switched off. To be on the safe side, you might want to turn the lights off at the main. If your light has a cover on it, gently unscrew this and set it aside. Next, unscrew the blown light bulb and throw it away. Screw in the new light bulb and replace the light cover. Turn on the lights and VOILA! Although it may sound simple, changing a light bulb often provides a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. So, go on! Give yourself a pat on the back.

Unclogging a drain

Who says that you need upper body strength and a plunger to unclog a drain? If the drain isn’t severely blocked up, you can do it using a combination of baking soda and vinegar instead. This is both an eco-friendly and an economical option. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Pour boiling water down the drain.
  • Throw a ½ cup of baking soda down there and leave for a few minutes.
  • Mix a ½ cup of vinegar with a ½ cup of boiling water and pour down the drain. It will mix with the baking soda and cause a reaction.
  • Cover with a plug and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Pour more boiling water down the drain. 1

As you can see, it isn’t all that difficult to become a DIY master. Just always remember to put your safety first!


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