Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Gagarin was born on March 9, 1934 in Klushino. The world will remember him as the first man who went into space – 12 April 1961 in spacecraft Vostok 1. His flight lasted one hour and 48 minutes. Since there was a high probability that the mission fails and dies Gagarin, made up of three press releases: one in case of success and two in the case of failure. The controllers on Earth only after 25 minutes found that Gagarin reached a stable orbit, reports “Nešnl Geographic, Serbia” Vostok 1 is controlled automatically, as medical personnel and designers of aircraft were not sure how human beings react to weightlessness, and the manual control Gagarin was locked out I would not have managed the aircraft. A code to unlock the controls were placed in Vostok 1, in case something unexpected happens. The missiles were involved over the west coast of Africa, near Angola, about 8,000 kilometers from the intended landing site, and burning around 42 seconds. Due to limitations in terms of weight did not spare missiles.

The capsule had 10 days of provisions that will allow life and the natural decline in orbit in case the missiles do not finish as planned. After burning the rocket to return, Vostokov module with equipment unexpectedly remained strapped to the wiring harness for the capsule to return. Two halves of the aircraft should have been separated for 10 seconds after turning the rocket to return, but it did not happen after 10 minutes.

The craft suddenly turned before the wires burned, and the module is set up at a suitable height for entry. Gagarin has jumped by parachute at an altitude of seven kilometers and are easily lowered to the ground. As the rules of the International Aeronautical Federation demanded that the pilot must go down with his aircraft, the Soviet Union insisted that Gagarin landed Vostok and the International Aeronautic Federation has recognized the years. A few years later it was discovered that Gagarin jumped from Vostok.


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