Young ladies working in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong,  most of the young ladies come out to work in service sectors like office ladies,  teachers,  sales,  beauty centers, fashion designers and many others except those needs physical labour.

And for more than half of the Hong Kong young ladies have already completed tertiary education and it is found that they even perform better than boys in average in colleges and universities ! Therefore they prefer working as office ladies,  secretaries,  general managers, fashion , beauty and sales in clothing stores ! Their jobs are mostly in a comfortable environment and not very harsh jobs.

Also with the effects of Hong Kong Women worker’s association,  actually young ladies in Hong Kong has better rights and status than most men , but with the effect of traditional Chinese culture,  women look apparently “weak” so if there are any physical activities involved , Male colleagues will be asked to help the young ladies do all these physical jobs. But male colleagues are unluckily that they usually cannot get any respect from the young ladies doing those jobs. And it is easily found that many young ladies, especially office ladies are very cautious with their Male colleagues which becomes very common in Hong Kong working places.

In addition,  young ladies in Hong Kong are mostly experts in beauty and fashion so they usually looks so attractive and competitive compared to men and old women do they can easily become managers (Hong Kong people are so concerned of appearance )!

This is how young ladies work in Hong Kong.  How about your cities ?


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