Who was Baba Deep Singh of India?

I follow lots of blogs on Tumblr and would like to introduce you to a blog called “Lock, Stock, and History”.  This blogger collects miscellaneous history and curiosities that are as fascinating as Robert Ripley’s stories.  (REF:  Ripley’s Believe It or Not.)

The story of this 75-year old warrior, made me stop and think to myself:  ‘Is such a thing even humanly possible?’

Believe it or not!

This is something you can believe and there is no question about it.

  • Today, Baba Deep Singh is revered as a saint and a martyr in the Sikh religion.

No doubt the record of the real battle probably evolved into this myth or legend of a heroic or rather, a superheroic human being with the boldness and spirit of one who was not afraid to fight oppression, injustice, and all crimes against humanity.


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