When the Cold War Ended – 40

There was a time, from the 1950s  to the late 1970s that Health care was important.  Many schools would be overrun with medical personnel doing eye checks and hearing checks, alert to  possible problems.

Parents were carrying their children for check ups,  because there were not merely penalties but the population was made to feel that not to do so was a virtual crime.

As the realisation that War was not imminent, that having a large population of strong, healthy, intelligent people would not be wise, for such people are difficult to control, a slow but steady backwards pace was begun..

Instead of having mandatory inoculation,  vaccination has become an option.   Health wasn’t very important any more.  As time passed, people became so stupid,  they prevent their child from being vaccinated.  

That the rate of death from measles is greater today than it was before the vaccine was created is due to the need to get rid of as many people as possible.

Let me be a bit more informative; the rich, important, well connected, have value.  Their children have value.  They will be vaccinated, they will be sent to top private schools, their diets will be monitored, their physical activity mandated.

The average person can die of measles, attend a substandard school, become addicted to opioids, eat junk food, and become dangerously obese as they sit in front of a computer playing games.


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