When the Cold War Ended – 18

During the Cold War, a constant stream of information was available to the public.  People were to know what was happening.

When the Cold War ended, it took a little time, but then it was realised that a population of uninformed sheep was easier to control.

The best example is the  BBC World Service, once the pinnacle of information.  After the Cold War ended it  became as informative as a local music station.

Besides the waste of time called ‘Outlook’ which is like walking along your road and interviewing your neighbours, is the Narcissist’s paradise, “Hard Talk”.

On this platform a narcissistic presenter subjects a major person to the kind of interrogation usually preceded by water boarding.

The Narcissist constantly interrupts and distracts so that very little information is revealed.

These two unnecessary interview programs  are aired over and over during the day to insure that the minds of listeners are as distracted were they to play one of those shoot em up computer games.

The drips of news are so truncated that many times one has no idea where or who or when.

Instead of insuring that the listener of the news knows what is being discussed, if one doesn’t know where a city is, who the leader is, what the problem is, the BBC WS makes sure not to tell them.

Having a population of ignorant people who can be fed propaganda was adopted by the West.


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