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What is Thanksgiving all about?

What is Thanksgiving all about? A lot of us according to what those morning talk shows seem to think is all about the meal itself. They are either talking about the turkey and/or the side dishes and the desserts with a sideline conversation of ways for others to help others. Thanksgiving to me is a day to enjoy a parade that is not like the ones I grew up watching, but things change. I see Thanksgiving as a day to give thanks for what we have and even with all the disasters that have been occurring here and all over the world you can still be happy with how you live your life. It is nice if you can volunteer and help at a homeless shelter and donate whatever you can, but why do some make you feel guilty if you can’t do that. Thanksgiving is a day to relax and reflect. Thanksgiving is not about the meal it is about family that is here and not.

T is for thanks.

H is for health

A is for American

N is for nice day

K is for kicking around

S is for sameness

G is for giving

I is for inviting

V is for visiting

I is for intelligent

N is for new ideas

G is for God.__________________________

T is for turkey

H is for help

A is for American

N is for nuts

K is for kindness

S is for stuffing

G is for gaining weight

I is for individual

V is for visiting again

I is for inviting

N is for not sure.

G is games.


What do you think?


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