There are few people in the West who truly understand Russia and are willing to honestly talk about it. Subartu Valter (Walter Schubart) – (1897-1942), German philosopher was one of them. His book “Europe and soul of the East”, written in the thirties of the twentieth century, with incredibly insightful and objective assessments of the Russian people, to this day remains one of the most objective and analysis of the relationship between East and West, Europe and Russia, by one of the European thinker .. . that is why, I guess, in Europe almost forgotten …

Here’s what he wrote Subartu: “the West has bestowed upon mankind the most advanced forms of technology, governance, and communication, but it is deprived souls. The task of Russia is to restore the soul of the people … Only Russia has the possibility, which Europe has lost or destroyed in itself … ” What is particularly interesting, and about which the great Ivan Ilyin, analyzing this work of the German philosopher, is that this book was written at a time of national gloom for the Russian people, when they themselves Russians of their national ideas almost stopped talking and think, pressing fear for existence against bloodthirsty and ruthless Soviet machine …

But Subartu says, “Just Russia is able to breathe soul into the human race, who suffer from lust for power and materialism, which I’m quite sure, no matter what the current i starving herself writhing in bolshevism. The horrors of the Soviet time will pass, as passed and terrible night Tatar ignition and will come to pass an ancient prophecy – Ex Oriente Lux (Light of the East).

I will therefore say that the European nations to lose their influence. They will lose their spiritual leadership. They will no longer represent an example for imitation and it will be good for mankind … Russia is the only country which is able to save Europe … It will be in the depths of their incredible suffering and torment, to find the essential knowledge and the meaning of life, what will be an example to all the nations of the world. Russians to have all the spiritual prerequisites, as is not a European nation.

Russia is a country of unlimited spiritual possibilities. It does not matter how much of a country has a wicked, it is important as there are true Christians. It’s not about the number of believers, but the strength and depth of their faith. The main question is – how many are willing to take a life for Christ. And to this question in the Soviet Empire, people often respond with “yes”, which is not peculiar to any nation in Europe. In Russia today lives and to be honest, entitled Christianity, which, just under religious persecution shows its ethereal beauty. … Englishman wants to see the world as a factory, a Frenchman as the salon, as a German barracks, Rus as a church. For the Englishman seeks profit, fame Frenchman, a German power, – sacrifice! “The book” Europe and soul of the East “was printed in 1938 in Switzerland. When Hitler came to power, was banned and condemned to destruction.

Accidentally into the hands Russian immigrant Poremskog, which translates illegally issued in small circulations and parts of the Russian prisoners in German concentration camps, to give them hope and raise morale. soon I ended up in the camp. I Subartu had to emigrate from Germany and for a while worked as a teacher in Riga. here he was arrested by the Soviet authorities and that he disappeared without a trace. He died in 1942 in a Soviet camp in Kazakhstan. The name Walter Subartu, German writer and doctor of philosophy, today you will not find in most European encyclopedia … Why? – I think that some special explanation is needed …

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