Valentine Let Downs

“Angie, they have nothing for you. They only want your money.” HE said

Yes I know! I know. Its the game, the control. The game.

“Stop. walk away, spend your time on something else, not them. They have nothing to give you.” HE said.

I know! I know.


I take a look around, shake my head to clear my thoughts, like that really works.

I take my new CD`s and the player out to the store. Listen and work, and think. Its Valentine`s day.

Be the hunter, not the prey, yeah. One more day for one of you. I have to play this right, not for you but for my amusement. HE won`t find it amusing but I am doing it anyways.


Yeah, I hear. Yeah, I listen.

I put on normal clothes, not the work rags I usually have on and go for the walk.

Its cold on one side of the lake but that is okay, the pain of the cold lets me know I am still alive.

Ding. Ding.

A message.

Oh, its Brian. Texting the actually phone.

“hey, why did you block me?”Asked Brian

I did a massive clean out, tired of not getting what I need.

“Ohhh and that is me?” Asked Brian

Brian you forgot me, you did not answer the phone.

“Go and unblock me at hangouts and we can voice chat there.” Insisted Brain

When I get home, I lied.

Back to my walk……..

Ding. Ding. Ding.


“Hey, why did you block me?” Asked Clinton

I did a massive clean out, I`m not getting what I need. You did not answer the call.

“I`m sorry, may be because I am still in the UK.” replied Clinton


“Add me back to hangout. I want you to be my sugar baby.” sad Clinton

Sure, when I get home, I am busy right now.

” I need to send you some money, to transfer for the charity.” said Clinton, ignoring that I am busy.

I don`t want your money.

“Its not for you, its for the charity, I told you I would need help with this from time to time when I am out of country. Jut give me your account number and I can transfer, I will tell you where to put it.” Insisted Clinton.

No. I will not do that. I am not the person for that. After we met, then I can deal with it.

“This has to be done by Monday”

No, I am not the one. And I pocket the phone, finish my walk.

In the car, I see awaiting messages.

“Do you have a credit card?” asked Clinton

I shake my head and use all caps…. NO!

No more Clinton.


At The Grocery Store

Ding. Ding.

Crap its Brian.

“Hey, its late are you walking still? Alone?” asked Brian

No, in walmart.

“Okay, I was worried about you alone in the dark walking.” said Brian

I am thinking, no one wants to F with me because I am so pissed off, you scamming pieces of crap. I block you and still you find a way to text me.

I`m good, just looking for something for dinner.

“what are you looking for?”Asked Brian

I wanted to say a real man but I didn`t, something seafood, I told him.

“IS that your favorite? I like seafood too.”Said Brian

Yeah, It is a fav. Your is pasta, right?

“How did you know?!?!?” Ask Brian

I shake my head, you told me, look I am driving now. I disconnect.


Question: How do they get the local numbers when most all of them are not here in the USA?

“Its an app.” HE said.

Thank you now I feel safer and I can get this done.

Two more blocked.

“That`a Girl.” HE replied


Minutes Later

Ding. Ding.

“Hello” Said Peter

Driving home.

“Okay my love, let me know when you arrive.”

Will do.


I look over to my right…. my ghost…. I reach over and we hold hands. No words needed.Never Alone  —–   —– A love song

By Andria Perry

Art By Andria Perry


What do you think?


Written by Andria Perry

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