Tuve Janson

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All ascetics, nihilists, introverts  would envy Tuve Janson on her lifestyle. Janson as one of the best known Finnish authors, except for his creativity, was remembered by the fact that a full 30 years every summer dwelled on one deserted islet in the Gulf of Finland called Klovharun, which is said to be visited for four and a half minutes. In just cottage that she shared with her partner Tulika, Tuve was creating works that are already in life have made one of the most important Finnish writer. (Surely you remember cartoons, comics and books about the cute family Mumijevih who made us for its whiteness and softness of shapes overtones of marshmallows? No, this article will not be about them.) Scrambled Klovharun with all its flora and fauna, and the whole bay in which it is located.


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