Trade Off – 13

On weekends, Gavin stayed in the room, emerging only to eat. If Marie had set up  ‘camp’  in the bedroom, he would find another spot.

If she sat quietly,  (if she was physically capable of being quiet for longer than ten minutes) he would remain in the bedroom.    If she started singing, blasting the rubbish she listened to on her smart phone, he’d take his lap top and move to another room.

If she said, “Why are you leaving?”  he would respond;  “Give you space…” If she started to babble;    (Gavin couldn’t be sure what she said because he didn’t listen),  he would lock her out of his mind.  It took her time to realise  he wasn’t listening.

Then she’d fall into a sour silence, sitting like an angry three year old in the corner.

She knew so little of Gavin that she would tell people he enjoyed his own company.  She didn’t realise .he did not want her in his space.


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Written by jaylar

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