The Value of the Cold War – 26

When the Cold War ended, both sides went through a rather strange period of flux.  

The Soviet Union broke up, releasing a number of ‘Republics’ to their own regimes.   These Republics were and are poor,  and had caused a drain on the resources of Russia.  Their Independence was of benefit to the Russian economy. 

At the end of the Cold War, America had no idea what it was  to focus on.  Without the challenge of the Soviet Union, it became lethargic. 

Having spent three decades rabidly engaged in rivalry with the U.S.S.R. it now had no focus.

There was no longer need to drafting persons into the Military.  Those who wanted that life, enlisted.  

Many American manufacturers had  shifted their business overseas, virtually unseen by the American Government.  No one, but those in dying factory towns noticed this.


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