The Unmasking of America – 6


America will always shout how it has freedom of the press.  This, of course, does not in any way prevent the abundance of propaganda.

Quick to point the finger at other countries which ‘suppress’ the truth, and have ‘Alternative Facts’  it is only since 2017 reality is revealed.

Entering office, Trump stated there were Three times more people at his inauguration than at Obama’s,. Photographs proved he was lying.

The term ‘Alternate Facts’ was used for the first time, and although the words have not again been stated, the procedure has been followed.

An untrue statement is made, conflicting with truth, such as there being no casualties in Iran’s bombing of the American airbase in Iraq.

When the facts emerged, that thirty four Americans had been injured, proving Trump lied, it is slapped  away.  

This method of suppression of truth allows those in power to create versions of reality which are more beneficial to their interests


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