The Unmasking of America – 2

Very Fine People

No President since the proudly racist Woodrow Wilson has considered the Ku Klux Klan or other White Supremacists ‘very fine people’ until Donald Trump.

That he is a rabid racist, a xenophobe, and Islamophob are attributes he is actually proud of.

His base is made up of racists and a few twisted non-whites who believe if they side with Massa they won’t get the whip.

It is amazing to see Black people support Trump, but then, one must appreciate there are many people who hate themselves.  

There are many people who don’t want to be Black and feel that supporting someone who would reintroduce segregation and slavery if he had a chance is a way to express it.

America has always been a racist country.  

The attitude towards the native Americans, the attitude towards African slaves has never changed from 1800.  

What changed is the ability to express it.  

One can’t use this word or that one, which does not in any way alter the sentiment.  It simply allows the most racist people to do what they want without statement.

Simply put, if the Klansman doesn’t state he is a Klansman then he is not a Klansman.


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