Allemagne, Berlin. 2 mai 1945. Le drapeau rouge flotte sur les toîts du Reichstag

The Red Army

The Red Army, which bore the brunt of the victory over Germany in World War II, on this day in 1945, took the Berlin, a week later came the German capitulation. Taking Berlin was marked by highlighting the Soviet flag on the building of the destroyed Reichstag in Berlin.

This photo has its own symbolism that marks the final victory or defeat of Nazi Germany. The famous photo was a kind of reprise of the first checkered flag Rajstag. Initially set the flag and soldier who was photographed this was not recorded. The original flag was set on 30 April when the year-old soldier Mikhail Minin originally set flag. During the night they were still fierce fighting in Berlin, during which the Germans managed to take down the flag that is set Minin.Photograph which we all know was created on 2 May 1945, when Eugene Chaldea climbed on the ruined building Rajstaga photographed as two Soviet soldiers – Georgian Meliton Kantaria and Russian Mikhail Yegorov raise the flag of the Soviet Union


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