The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The days before the tunnel were some of the best days of my life, I ruled my world, the world bent to my silliness and those grown up thoughts from just a child, a child playing house. “Shut Up! you sound stupid’ he said from the front seat as I sat in the back seat pointing out the window announcing greatness over myself.

When the tunnel came I didn`t see it coming at all, back handed down into to, landing at the bottom, I couldn`t get out. He yelled down the tunnel ” that`ll teach you to mouth off to me” and he walked away leaving me bleeding.

I would be brave and climb out and take a look around, adjust my eyes but time after time I was pushed back down, just when i thought happiness could live there I landed at the bottom, bleeding.

I jumped out of that tunnel one day, a planned day, but I couldn`t allow them to die for me, I fell backwards into the tunnel, bleeding.

Everyone watched but no one cared or dared not to take on the tunnel keeper.Wave of a hand “You`ll be fine!” as my eyes screamed for help.

Slowly, very slowly the tunnel keeper tired down, walking away from the tunnel, I waited and I waited, no more bleeding.

The prayers I prayed while laying in the deep dark tunnel were being answered, the tunnel keeper fell backward into the tunnel and could not get out, no matter how much he prayed.

A hand reached out to me, a stranger, told me I would be fine. I walked away and I didnt not look back because God answered my prayer for the tunnel keeper to feel how much pain I had suffered.

I felt bad for the tunnel keeper, no matter how much I bled, I didnt want to watch the tunnel keeper bleed, but God showed me I had to watch, no matter how horrible because he added it all up and released it all at one time, all the hurt and pain the tunnel keeper had to take back.

In the light, out of the tunnel, I walked around not knowing what to do in the light because I had been in the tunnel in dark all that time. Weeks passed, months passed.

Then I hear a “Hi.” I turn around look and say “Hi” back. Its Peter, he reached for my hand and said “Come my love, I will show you the way.” I took Peters hand and all of a sudden I felt the warm sunshine and all the love in the world. All the darkness left, the bright was dimmed to see clearly.

By Andria Perry

Photos by  pixabay


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Written by Andria Perry

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