The 3rd World View of Trump

In 2016, those of us in the 3rd World thought Donald Trump was a comedian.   We thought he was playing for laughs.  We found him funny, until we realised, he was really a candidate for President.

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In my country we don’t elect that kind of character to local government.

First of all, he’s inarticulate; “that’s a bad bad man’;  six year olds talk like that.  Not adults, especially when they run for office.

Second of all, he’s stupid looking.  Orange skin?  Wig?   He’s the kind of guy to have everyone cracking up in a hotel lobby.   We don’t elect people who look like clowns to office.

Thirdly, all we knew of him was that he was on a ridiculous T.V. show and would say; “You’re fired!”

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If he tried that crap in my country, well, they wouldn’t find all his body parts at the worst, at the best, he’d be playing, pick up teeth.

Then he started with his first lie; about how he had more people at his inauguration than Barack Obama.  But there are photographs.  Lots and lots of photographs from people all over the world.


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So we all marveled at the lie, and then one of his flunkies talking about;  ‘alternative facts.’

The next give away was calling all the other news services ‘Fake News.’

In my country, that’s a version of ‘faight and look at the other guy’.

For example; Odette is a thief.  She makes sure to steal from someone, then complain about them, so that when they report the theft it looks like they are retaliating.

She’s very good at it, could probably become the next President if she lived in the U.S.

Over the past year and half Trump has shot off his mouth without thought, made a bunch of ridiculous ‘tweets’  and then, he’s back tracked.

He says one thing yesterday, another today, a third tomorrow.

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The only thing that he’s been firm on is building a ‘wall’.

Now, people and drugs get into America via air and sea.  So the wall won’t stop a gram of cocaine,  and people who really want to come will do it by air or sea.

Smugglers use submarines from South America, so it won’t stop anyone or anything.   It will just waste a lot of money.

Most of all, we adore his ‘trade wars’.

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We, like 120 other countries,  get most stuff from China.   From T.V. to fridge to microwave, computer, clothes, etc.

What we don’t get from China we get from South America, other places in the Caribbean, and we make stuff ourselves.

For us to buy American goods,  the prices have to be extra low;  like that we paid for soy beans.  We got them so cheap we’ve been feeding them to chickens, so the price of chicken has dropped.

I’ll buy Levi’s if they are the same price as the jeans we get from China.

Many people who work in the tourist industry have had to deal with loud mouthed pompous clowns like Trump.  People who think they are ‘better’ than we are.   Now, every one can see what they are talking about.

It isn’t just the ‘Desperate Cheeto’

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It is all those who support him.   All those who will believe his lies and alternative facts.

He can fool Americans pretty easily.  But not us in the 3rd World..


What do you think?


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