That Phone Call

“Hey girlie girl, tell me, what do you need off your heart today?” Asked God

Men problems, I can`t understand them, with all the games. I thought us women were the game players, not the men.

I met one man that is totally insane! He wants my cell phone carrier long in info so he can spread the love with free phones, claiming he will pay for them, HA! You know you didn`t make me that stupid, He preaches about giving and like its your will. Oh but Patrick says I am his true love and its fate……… No.

“You are right about this one, he is not pure at heart, I shall deal with him.” Answered God

And then I got that call.

Since I have this new phone I really don`t have but a couple numbers in the contracts so far, well it was  a local number and i thought it was my friend so I called back and got a voice mail but I did not leave a message.

Later I get a text “hello” so I text back “Hey, who is this?”

The person wrote “You called me.” I replied “After you called me.”

He said “this is Brian” and I replied ” Andria Here.”

Well, we kept texting and so we are now friends, but something is strange, I know this person, I feel this person. Some of the things he asked I thought was asking to much so I did not tell the truth. I know I shouldn`t lie but My heavenly father! I would never tell that stuff to my own family. He also believe in fate and already likes me.

Something strange is going on! Why can`t like be simple?

“I will forgive the lies because sometimes asking for to much information is called for a lie. You are being you, so expect people  to come, some with ill intentions, some with a good heart and will enrich your life. You know who to trust and who to run away from.” God said.

And there is Peter. He knows I know but he wont say what I know, but he knows.

We have grown closer, a different kind of relationship.

We sat with each other for a while this afternoon, it was nice.

“Thank you, My Love, for spending your time with me.” Peter said

By Andria Perry

Photo By  Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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