Taking the Knee

When I saw Colin Kaepernick take the knee during the National Anthem I recalled those days when Americans protested the War in Vietnam.  Those days when they fought for Civil Rights.

I recalled the days when police would fly into crowds, batons swinging, against unarmed peaceful protesters.

Today, I saw two videos, one from Portland, Oregon, and one from New York City, where police officers, on duty, took the knee.

They took the knee to show their solidarity with those who protested the murder of George Floyd. The murder of a Black Man by a White Police Officer.

When I saw it, I was  moved and I felt a change may have come.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


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  1. I am not American and we never had such an issue here as racism but looking at what is going on in the US today, looking at statistics, I think it is not about white killing black, but about police brutality. Statistics show that US police have killed more white people than black so where are protests about that fact? Only black lives matter, not all? Now they made a criminal a hero of America. Very controversial thoughts come. But as I said, we never had such an issue as racism, never lived with it so I am may wrong but from far away it looks big marasmus to see all those kneeled people who may themselves never offended any black person.

    The USA is a unique country and to understand its life we need to live there. Here where I live, we would never allow such riots as a form of protests. And myself, I am only for peaceful protests.

    • In America you have to stand for the National Anthem. Colin K (and others) didn’t. They took a knee. Colin was kicked off the team. A lot of people were upset about it.

      America is a very racist country. If you go there you will understand.

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