Running – Prince – 2

Prince saw the small plane crash and went to it, maybe he’d help some one out, maybe he’d get a reward, maybe there was something on the plane.

He lived in the parish of  St. Thomas, so knew  about the ganja trade.

As he neared, he could see the plane had smashed, and the cock pit was over there, and the body of the plane was here.

Prince went to look in the body of the plane, saw a knap sack, and stretching and twisting was able to pull it out.

There was money in the bag.   A lot of money.  U.S. money.  Without thinking he grabbed the bag and ran to his yard.  

He needed time to figure out what he was to do, and how, and what.

As he had the money, that meant whomever had the ganja was waiting for the plane.

Prince didn’t know how far away the ‘landing field’ was, or if anyone had seen him.

He only knew that he had more money than he would ever earn.


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Written by jaylar

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