R.I.P Saban Saulic

There goes another one who had to live, sing and create Estrada without him and his sumptuous voice is the same as America without its twin towers. For us Serbs, Bosnians, Bulgarians, Montenegrins and other much more than that Saban’s institutions, the power of creativity and simple warmth of intimacy. I have watched him every day, from song to song than any brilliant text written for him by our legends – Rade Vuckovic. Get Saban, his voice remains that lives forever and recalls the time happy and satisfied .Na time full of pubs, good drinks and food but decent and happy bohemians. All of us were normal while living now in the days of sorrow, as we know, and we know how to pay off the one you no ,  i’ll write everything we could while he was . You did and sang,


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