Pure Joy

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Joy is our purpose. Finding our own happiness, and following it, is our purpose. Our divine right is to be happy. We are not meant to suffer, or merely exist. If more of us understood this, we would have a better, peaceful, more vibrant world.

Taking a walk, and hearing the sound of the rain, the splashing cars, and smelling the water in the air, is being in the present moment. You will find joy in the present moment–you just have to let it happen.

This is the only way.

You will recognize joy when you feel it. That moment when you are suddenly happy, for no reason, that is pure joy. You feel it in your heart. Pay attention to all the things that bring you joy. They are there, waiting for you to finally discover them.

They only remain hidden if we don’t open the eyes of our soul. We need to feel, and be in our bodies, our temples, in order to be in tune with our true joy. Our bodies are the instruments we have for this process.

No one can decide for you how you feel. No one can decide for you what will bring you joy. It is up to each person to find this, and in turn, find themselves in the process.


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Written by Maria Ayala

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