Puppet Master

Sometime in October I had this ‘fantasy’.  

I could see Donald Trump, sitting in the White House, chatting with his puppets telling them how he would play his Base.  

“Of course I’m gonna lose,”  he says, “but I’m not gonna leave…”

He explained how he’d been playing his Base, proving how stupid they were.  

“I knew about the Chinese flu way back in 2019.  But I wouldn’t cut my pocket to warn them.   Why should we lose money to protect their crappy lives?  So they get sick and die, no problem.  They’ll walk off a cliff I tell them to.”

He then said a few things NSFA, then;  “I encouraged them not to wear a mask, not social distance,  come to my rallies.  I made a bundle of money touting chemicals from companies I have stock in.  Sure, I knew those medications didn’t work.  But so what?”

“I’ll pretend I had the cornyflu, they’ll believe it.  And I’ll show them how mild it really is.  Sure I know that the U.S. has more cases and a higher death rate than anywhere else, so?   So, 20% of all Americans who get the Chinese flu die. So?  It won’t be anyone  of importance.”

He then went on to explain;  “The Dems are gonna vote by mail as it is safer.  You know they don’t count those votes until after they get the walk in ballots, so my idiots will go to bed thinking I won, then wake up to see I lost and being too stupid to know how votes are tallied will be ready to believe that some kind of hoax happened.”

He said a few more things NSFA, then;

“I’ll play golf, let them argue and invent and confuse, and you guys will push some wood on the fire, so that they’ll rally and riot and turn the country upside down.”

“I won’t concede and let everyone run in circles, and leave Biden with a big mess.”


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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