Prince George Karadjordjevic

When the Serbian army began to withdraw from the Tomcat stone, Prince George Karadjordjevic with his sword drawn led to an onslaught of faltering unit and reverse the fighting. The life path of George Karadjordjevic (1887-1972), the eldest son of King Peter I, variously described and interpreted. Supporters of his brother, King Alexander felt that was due, to put it mildly, “a temper” reasonably placed in 1925 in a lunatic asylum.

Critics of the rule of Yugoslavia’s first king believed instead that the George, popularly nicknamed Prince George, a victim of intrigue and absolutist reign of his brother, who inherited the throne after the abdication George, blamed for the death of his batman ie. Stevan Kolakovića ministers. Both, however, George acknowledged Karadjordjevic patriotism and personal courage that is sometimes Alice and the mythical one of his “namesake” Brand or Serbian Supreme Leader after whom it was named. French journalist, war correspondent of the Paris Journal, Henry Barbi described in the book “From the Serbian army” as Prince George, personal heroism and sacrifice, reverse the flow of a struggle in the First World War.


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