Not Paying My ‘Dues’

Most organisations cost. One has to pay ‘dues’ for ‘membership’.

Newbies attend a meeting, if they like the organisation and want to join, they pay their dues. If they don’t like the organisation they don’t join.

Usually, those who join, stay and pay.

Then there are those organisations which start, or seem to be one thing, turn into another. Many have created a kind of ‘class’ system.

The new member might not feel  uncomfortable at the first few meetings. But then, they realise they are being treated in a particular way, like dirt.

No one cares what they have to say, no one notices if they attend or not. The only notice they get is if dues are outstanding.

Imagine, joining, attending meetings, being ignored, then getting an email informing of the dues owed.

My response?

I don’t pay for the ‘privilege’ of being treated like dirt. I can get that for free.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • Many people join a group… let’s imagine the Virily Group, and we met every 2nd Tuesday. And we join, we pay our dues, and we are ignored, nothing we say is taken on, and there are five or six people who ‘run’ the show. Well why continue to pay dues?

      I’ve seen many groups which are more platforms for pretentious people. I say, why stress yourself? Why act as if the group is important? Stop paying dues and move on.


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