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More Than One Kind of Closet – Conclusion.

There are people who suppress themselves, hide their nature, their true feelings.

 They see what ‘everyone else’  approves of and seem to match that grid.  

They see what is ‘unacceptable’ and  obliterate every possible link.

How they really think, really feel, really want, is kept in the ‘closet’ of their soul.   Everyone is led to believe what they project.

One day, maybe, somehow, one will uncover their truth.  

They might realise that Margaret is racist to her bone marrow.  

 They might note that Mitch is a greedy opportunist who has done virtually nothing for his ’cause’.

Greg’s hatred might manifest in a facial expression or an accidental obscenity.

Carla’s fantasies might be exposed and people realise she has nothing but her cats.

Until then, they are safe in their closet.


What do you think?


Written by Tall Awah

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